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Incover helps you manage all your insurance policies from one dashboard. Making claims and getting results is seamless and fast.

Purchase multiple policies at a go

Compare premiums from multiple insurance providers and choose what works for you.

Fast and seamless access.

Get easy access to insurance providers, you do not need to submit all documents before you buy insurance for the people & things you care about.

Make claims and get quick result.

You can process and track your claims, and get paid within the stipulated time by regulation. No paperwork. No waiting.

Made for your needs

Get covered from all unexpected losses

Protect the things & people you care about

If you care about them, we can help you get the right cover and protection for them.

Built-in reporting

You can get a report of all your insurance activities. With just one click, we can get your report sent to your mail.

Fast and seamless claims processing

We are changing the narrative of insurance by helping you to get your claims processed in record time.

Get insured without hassles

We have simplified the process to buy insurance. No more bottlenecks. With few clicks you can purchase insurance policy for yourself and others.

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